CUEFA : Blogs


This section is a concept proposed for the future.

We envision this section becoming a space for exposition and opinion pieces. It's one possible tool for spotlighting specific issues, and for providing background and explanation; it could become a space for sharing ideas and opinions, and a space for open discussion.

Some thoughts are to organize it eventually, into logical sections, for example, student, faculty, sessional, alumni, community at large, maybe even board and administration.

To do

There's work to be done before the section could launch into full-on blogging

For example, submission guidelines, editorial guidelines, oversight, etc., will all need to be considered before putting out a call for material. Technical work includes developing a layout and style, and building functionality (comment space? discussion? etc.).

Using Students or Faculty or Alumni as examples, a call for bloggers might search out one student/faculty/almumni to write a regular blog, or a pool to write in rotation, or individuals to write one-ups. There probably needs to be an element of regularity to it and, obviously, some measure of oversight.

If you are interested in helping us develop this area of the webportal, please email us!


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