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We are proud of our slogan "We are all CUE". We know that the CUE community comprises faculty and ASOs (academic service officers: lab instructors and librarians), sessional instructors, students, alumni, and local community (such as our neighbours in Highlands and Bellevue), along with administration and the Board of Governors. This section of the web portal is being developed to focus on interests of particular importantce to each sector of our CUE community. Of course interests are also shared across the CUE community, so we encourage you to check out all the sections here.

The communication loop

Timely and factual information is the root of building community.

CUEFA 'all things CUE' information list

The CUE community is students, faculty, sessional instructors, staff, and the community at large.

If you are part of the CUE community, please sign on to our "All Things CUE" e-list, and we'll share regular updates on All Things CUE.

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